SiganX-Stretch V2

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What's new with Version 2? 

The top plate and FPV plates are now 2mm thick. The new FPV pod plates are 5mm taller to give more space clearance to the HS1177 Camera.


Compatibility with Version 1

The rest of the parts are the same with v1 except with the new thicker top plate and FPV pod plates. 


What are included: 

  • 2mm unibody carbon fiber bottom plate x 1
  • 2mm unibody carbon fiber top plate x 1
  • 1.5mm motor neck stiffeners carbon fiber x 4
  • M3x5.5x30mm hex black aluminum standoffs x 3
  • M3x5.5x10mm hex black aluminum standoffs x 4
  • M3x8mm alloy screws x 4
  • M3x6mm alloy screws x 16
  • M3x16mm aluminum screws x 4
  • Nylon hex nut x 8 
  • Power Distribution Board x 1
  • Battery Strap x 1
  • XT60 Male
  • 3D printed skirt with your choice of color x 1
  • 3D printed PDB cover x 1 

For Connex POD

  • Connex HD Pod carbon fiber plate x 1
  • Connex HD antenna mount carbon fiber plate x 1
  • Connex HD camera 3D printed mount


For Analog POD

  • 2mm carbon fiber analog pod plate x 2
  • 3D printed antenna mount x 1
  • 3D printed camera mount/spacer x 2
  • 3D printed VTX belt mount (cuttable middle) x 1



What else needed:

  • Flight Controller. Dodo suggested or any FC with build in power regulator. x 1
  • 22xx motors x 4
  • Motors and right mounting screw length. M3x6mm length is suggested. x 16
  • ESCs.  x 4
  • Rx radio x 1
  • Connex Prosight
  • 5" propellers. x 4 
  • Rx Antenna Tubes


Build Guide 


Products specifications
FC Mounting Hole 30.5mm x 30.5mm
Maximum Radio Rx dimension 26*19.2*5mm(L x W x H)
Frame Size 190mm
Weight TBD
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