Sigan210 v2

Frame kit only and no electronics included.
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Won "Best Constructor" award at World Drone Prix Dubai!


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The Sigan210 is built with the finest 3k Carbon fiber twill. The top plate it 1.5mm and bottom plate carrying the structural load with 2mm all while keeping weight to the absolute minimum. Hex Aluminium standoffs are used and all held together with allow steel screws. Each kit comes with a choice of colors for the 1.5mm ABS 3d printed side skirt to keep all the electronics enclosed and safe.

Also included special tiny and light Power Distribution Board (PDB). Can be solder direct XT60 connector.



  • Increaase vertical clearance from 9.5mm to 10mm
  • More easier to do maintenance. No need to remove propellers on opening
  • Motors can be grab now on changing broken propeller. 
  • 15 grams lighter.
  • Top and side strap mounting for HD camera.
  • Include TPU landing pads 

Whats Included:

  • M3x8mm allow steel screws (Top Plate & FC Mount) - 12 pieces
  • M3x10mm allow steel screws (PDB screws) - 2 pieces
  • M3x6mm allow steel screws (main body) - 12 pieces
  • TPU Motor/Landing Pad - 4 pieces
  • M3 nylon hex nuts (PDB lock and FC mount) - 10 pieces
  • M3x25mm hex standoffs - 4 pieces
  • M3x10mm hex standoffs (body spacers) - 6 pieces
  • Power Distribution Board - 1 piece
  • XT60 - 1 piece
  • 3D Printed Side Skirt Cover - 2 pieces
  • Antenna tube mount
  • Carbon fiber top plate - 1 piece
  • Carbon fiber upper body plate - 1 piece
  • Carbon fiber bottom body plate - 1 piece
  • Carbon fiber camera mounting plate (25 and 35 degress tilt) - 2 pieces
  • Carbon fiber VTX mounting plate - 1 piece
  • Battery Strap 1 - piece
Products specifications
Frame Size 210mm
Motor 22xx motors (Eg. 2204 2300kv)
FPV Camera Up to 32x32mm board camera
Maximum ESC Dimension Any ESC with dimension of 23mm x 12mm or less, BN20A, KISS, SN20A, ZTR Spider 18A
Flight Controller Regular size Naze32 / DragonFly32 / Flip32 / Dodo
Propeller 5" Propellers
VTX 200mw with pigtail SMA / RP-SMA wire
HD Camera GoPro 3 & 4, Xiamo Yi, Mobius
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