Sigan180 Hardware Kit Replacement

All hardware replacement parts for Sigan180.
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Whats included

  • Power Distribution Board
  • XT60
  • 2 pieces M3 nylon hex spacers 
  • 16 pieces M3x6mm buttom head aluminum screws
  • 10 pieces M3x8mm buttom head aluminum screws
  • 8 pieces socket aluminum spacers
  • 4 pieces M3x20x5.5mm hex aluminum standoffs
  • 8 pieces M3x8x5.5mm hex aluminum standoffs
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The Sigan210 is built with the finest 3k Carbon fiber twill. All plates are 1.5mm thick with 2 brackets reinforcement that add rigidity and strenght without the weight penalty. Hex Aluminium standoffs are used and all held together with aircraft grade aluminum screws. Each kit comes with a choice of seven colorsĀ for the ABS 3d printed side skirt to keep all the electronics enclosed and safe. Also included special tiny and light Power Distribution Board (PDB). Can be solder direct XT60 connector.

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