New products

SiganX190 Bottom Plate

Replacement bottom plate SiganX190 v1/v2.

SiganX (140/190/Stretch) FC Soft Mount Conversion Kit

Hardware and 3d printed kit for low profile soft mounting flight controller.

SiganX190/Stretch-X Arm Stiffeners (Set)

Replacement carbon fiber plate arm stiffeners for SiganX190 or Stretch-X.

Custom TPU Mount for Connex Stock Antenna (Big Antenna)

Custom connex antenna mount for SiganX/Stretch-X. Design to add more protection to the antenna and make it more crash proof.

SiganX140 Top Plate

SiganX140 top plate for SiganX190

SiganX HD Pod Camera Shield

Accessories for SiganX/Stretch-X HD POD V2 for adding more protection on camera.