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Syma X8HG Drone Review

The Syma X8HG is essentially the improved version of the popular Syma X8G, the drone has been updated with a new altitude hold feature which has given it the new name, Syma X8HG the “H” standing for altitude hold. The flight features of the new Syma drone include, altitude hold, headless mode, 3D flips and 2 flight speeds (high and low).

The X8HG is identical to its predecessor with its transmitter and camera, it however some new colour schemes.

Improved Features

Just like many other Syma drones, the X8HG is very stable in the air and easy to pilot. Its new functions makes flying the drone a lot easier for beginners as they do not need to engage in guess work concerning the control of the throttle when the drone is in the air.
The newly included feature of manoeuvring capabilities and fast flying attributes have been reduced, this is to be expected however as the Syma X8HG was not designed to fly fast through tight spaces like an FVP racer. It was specifically designed to be a low budget aerial photography platform; this is where its newly included feature of altitude hold comes in as strength for the drone.

Another positive side to the improved version of the Syma X8G drone is that it handles quite well in light to moderate winds, with increased stability as a bench mark that sets it apart from its predecessor.


The X8HG is equipped with a camera that is capable of taking 1080P or 720P videos at 30fps and 8MP stills. As far as toy drone quality is concerned, its image quality is class leading and impressive. The camera is attached to the body via a quick release mount, although the camera of the Syma X8HG looks like other common action cameras such as the SJ4000, it is however not capable of functioning as a stand-alone unit.

The camera does not have its own battery and has no control buttons apart from a switch that lets you toggle between 1080P and 720p video recording. In other words, the camera was designed specifically to work only with the X8HG drone.

However, as a drone that costs less than $150(with camera and shipping) the camera is not perfect, and a purple fringe may be seen in parts of the frame, thanks to the wide angle lens, pincushion distortion is very obvious, especially when shooting architecture or scenes that involve straight lines and geometric shapes. It also does not have an FVP video downlink which makes framing shots difficult.

Still the overall image quality and camera performance is great when you consider it very affordable price tag. Since the Syma X8HG only features a gimbal, it is better at taking still pictures than videos, making it a great choice for people like real estate agents.

In conclusion, The Syma X8HG is a worthy successor to the popular X8G and adds altitude hold to what is already a good toy grade aerial photography drone. With its price tag below $150, it is an attractive option for those looking for a toy drone that can take quality photos and videos.