Yuneec Q500 4K Drone Review

Professional video recording drones used to be items for huge cost consideration before innovative manufacturing companies like Yuneec began to pave the way for reduced price quality standard drone products. Technology advancement has enabled these trends, and the quality drone devices can now be owned by individuals for casual use.

This device is loaded with a good action camera that targets high quality aerial photographs and can be employed for film shots. The company is a major Chinese aviation manufacturer, and they have endowed this drone with top notch technology and functionality.

Let’s digest the details of this best camera drone, and find out the value which this product offers its customers;


The materials used in the manufacture of this device is a lightweight plastic, these materials are not designed to receive hard impact collision. Cost considerations were the major factor for the lightweight materials, and users have to seriously avoid flight accidents with stationary objects.

This drone is designed with the structure of an insect, having two standing supports where it lands on just like helicopters. The 4k camera mount is beneath the device engine, while the engine holds out four propellers.

The controller is android based with two analogue knobs that have outstanding precision, and there is a 5.5-inch screen display showing the drone view. The screen is touch sensitive and the interface was built with great users experience in mind.

Performance and Handling

The Q500 features 5400mAh batteries that can carry it on a flight for about 25 minutes. It has a ‘Follow Me’, ‘Watch Me’ and ‘Return Home’ function that gives it autonomous capabilities, there is also a credible GPS system that allows it to avoid drifting while on a flight.

The ‘Follow Me’ function senses and follows the controller, while the ‘Watch Me’ feature keeps the camera focused on the user notwithstanding its flight situation. The handling of this drone makes it easy for beginners with three special modes that are quite precise with its good stability, they include Smart Mode, Angle Mode and Home Mode.

The Smart Mode assistants’ beginners when training on how to fly the Yuneec Q500, it sets up a 300 foot radius circle space where the user can operate within. The Angle Mode targets drone pilots with good experience; it provides more angles for creative shots, and it will hold aerial position in this mode if you don’t touch any control. Finally the Home Mode runs the ‘Return Home’ feature where it allows the drone to return within 10 feet to the position of the controller when it goes out of range.

Capture quality

The 4K camera runs 1080p 120 Videos comfortably, and is suitable for high definition aerial photography and cinematography. The camera is mounted with a gimbal that does not affect its image capturing while flying, and the extra features on it that supports expert video coverage are very commendable.

The features on this powerful and affordable device bring hope to professionals and beginners who plan to purchase a quality drone product on a budget. There are only very little capabilities which this device may not meet up with when compared to the top expensive brand products in the market. You will be getting very good quality for your money if you go for the Yuneec Q500 Drone.

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